Scotch-Brite Высокоэффективная полирующая салфетка 2011

Эл. почта
Scotch-Brite Высокоэффективная полирующая салфетка 2011 (07926)
Производитель: 3m

Long lasting cloth can be used to dry or damp, leaving a lint-free, streak-free finish. Eliminates the need for cleaning agents in many cases. Machine washable and re-useable. Microfibres attract and trap dust particles to leave an ultra-clean surface.

Is highly effective when used with 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner (see page 43). Applications: Degreasing surfaces or parts; removal of abrasive residues after polishing; final shine before packaging; removal of dust; dirt; grease and fingerprints. Materials: -Stainless steel -Chrome -Plastics -Glass -Paint -Lacquers -Other finished/ polished metal surfaces

Номер продукта 07926
Структура Microfibres
Материал 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Цвет Синий
Размер 320 x 360mm
Ед.изм. продукции Штука
Штук в упаковке 5
Единиц в коробке 50